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ROQU Mobility

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Green Innovation, Sustainable Future… 

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With the introduction of every new model, ROQU remains committed to its motto, continuously pushing the limits of what was considered achievable.


Our unrelenting pursuit of innovation led us to seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge technologies into our vehicles. These innovations included monocoque bodies that extended the product's lifespan and advanced AI algorithms that enhanced performance to new heights.


Unibody One is the ultimate choice for those seeking an optimized driving position and seamless app connectivity. With its innovative design, the Unibody One offers a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience.


Additionally, the Unibody One is equipped with app connectivity features that enhance the overall user experience. Through the dedicated app, riders can track their speed, battery life, and even adjust the scooter's settings with the tap of a button. With the Unibody One, you can enjoy a superior riding experience with unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Unıbody one

The Unibody One is a unique e-scooter designed just for you. It has great features that will make your ride more fun and easy.

Unıbody urban

Unibody Urban e-scooters are the perfect choice for fleet operators who want to take their businesses to the next level.


ROQU e-scooters are built with premium materials, performing exceptionally well in extreme conditions, boosting their appeal and versatility.


We prioritize quality by implementing a multi-step process, which includes design, manufacturing standards, and regular quality checks, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction and trust in our products.


ROQU Mobility aims to change the understanding of the entire micro-mobility eco-system with unique, customer centric and durable products while also protecting the environment by eliminating the damage using recyclable materials.

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