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meet the 'one' that

Discover Unibody One, a remarkable e-scooter that stands out with its impressive style and user centric design.


This innovative model allows you to adjust your ride to your taste and needs, providing an exceptional e-scooter experience with its own application. Unibody One is the perfect option for those who value versatility and quality in their transportation. 


ROQU applıcatıon connectıvıty

Unibody One's mobile app enables users to track their scooter's location, monitor battery status, and control various features remotely.


A unique aspect of this app is the customization of the bottom LED lights through the application, offering a personalized touch.


The app's connectivity provides users with comprehensive control and convenience, making the Unibody One a practical e-scooter choice.

Charging and Range Alternatives

The Unibody One stands out for its user-friendly charging system, which provides two convenient options.


Users can either plug it in to recharge or swap the battery when needed.

Additionally, it offers two range choices; regular and extended.


Park Anywhere You WanT!

The Unibody One e-scooter provides users the flexibility to park it almost anywhere they want. Equipped with an anti-theft system and an upper mechanical lock for securing it to objects, this e-scooter ensures protection.

Moreover, its dual stand ensures balance and stability when parked, making the Unibody One an ideal option for those who seek both convenience and protection.

Lastly, the ROQU app facilitates real-time tracking, offering peace of mind by keeping you informed about your scooter's location.


The Roqu Unibody, an award-winning, visually stunning innovation in transportation, caters to individual tastes with its diverse color options.

Its sleek, closed structure not only offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also maintains a clean and streamlined look by concealing all cables within the frame.


Personalization extends to the customizable bottom LED light, and users can further express themselves with add-on sticker options.


Driving Experience

The Unibody One offers an exceptional driving experience with its advanced features, including cruise control, multiple driving modes, and a LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) triggered headlamp.

The cruise control allows riders to maintain a consistent speed for a comfortable and effortless ride. The driving modes are adaptable to different riding styles and terrains, ensuring optimal performance in various conditions.

The LDR-triggered headlamp automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient light, ensuring optimal visibility during nighttime or low-light rides.

Additionally, the built-in buzzer serves as a safety feature, alerting pedestrians and other riders of the Unibody One's presence, contributing to a secure and enjoyable riding experience.


The Unibody One boasts an ergonomic design with optimal dimensions for driver comfort, featuring one of the largest footpads in the market.


It also offers a comprehensive driving assistant kit, which includes a practical bag and phone holder, ensuring your essentials are secure and allowing you to concentrate on your journey without distractions.



The Roqu Unibody  highlights its robustness through distinctive design features. Its aerospace grade aluminium body ensures a strong and resilient structure. The 12'' PU Filled Front Wheel, designed for durability ensuring a stable and reliable ride.

Moreover, it effectively handles various weather situations, ranging from -20°C to +60°C, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in diverse climates.

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