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Story Behind

ROQU offers top micro-mobility solutions focused on strength, reliability, excellence, and sustainability. Our goal is to transform urban transportation with innovative, eco-friendly options

and redefine the movement.



Located in Istanbul, Turkey, ROQU Mobility is a groundbreaking technology company that specializes in providing innovative and environmentally conscious micro-mobility solutions for individual users and various public, private, and commercial sectors.

Drawing inspiration from our name "Robust Quality," ROQU, an electric vehicle company, strives to emphasize strength, dependability, and superiority throughout its entire product line. Our primary objective is to deliver electric vehicles that surpass expectations in terms of durability, performance, software, and overall excellence. Understanding that quality is the foundation of any successful product, we design our vehicles to withstand even the most challenging conditions, ensuring an exceptional driving experience.

In light of the evolving world and the challenges it poses, ROQU Mobility places great importance on urban mobility. Our mission is to offer top-quality products and services, driven by a commitment to green innovation, contributing to a more sustainable and improved future.

We at ROQU Mobility aim to transform the micromobility sector by introducing unique, user-focused, and durable products. We are dedicated to preserving the environment by minimizing harm through the utilization of recyclable materials.


To enhance lives by providing clean, seamless and stylish urban mobility solutions


To become trendsetter and pioneer in micro mobility industry

To enable lucrative business for corporate partners by creating long-lasting products and hassle-free services

To navigate free-in-mind & responsible-in-heart individuals by sharing intellectual and sensational experiences

Meet The Team


Buğra Çil
Chief Executive Officer

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“‘Waste isn’t waste until we waste it’ and therefore  we design the most robust and long-lasting micro  mobility products for reducing e-waste.”


Naz Ünal
Chief Marketing Officer

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“Our main focus is to create a real difference to protect our planet. To do that, we aim to achieve timeless designs that complements our brand name Robust Quality.”


Mehmet Ünal
Chief Technology Officer

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“Brace yourself! We are here to become the pioneer of Micro Mobility  Industry by introducing trendsetting products, engineered using  advanced material science and manufacturing technologies.”

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