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Unibody Urban offers a level of reliability and performance with advanced features such as smart sensors, robust design, and cutting-edge technology which is noticeable at first sight. With Unibody Urban high-tech, customer oriented and ergonomic design we aim to extend our customers’ fleet life span and support them for a more sustainable business in the longer run.

With this focus, our e-scooters are the perfect choice for fleet operators who want to take their businesses to the next level. We are certain that you will feel the quality, the moment you have your first ride on Unibody Urban.


Unibody Urban redefines durability, employing aerospace-grade aluminum for a monocoque body that conquers formidable obstacles. This design is not just about style; it epitomizes resilience, capable of withstanding diverse terrains and demanding usage scenarios.

Understanding the challenges of shared scooter operations, characterized by constant wear and tear, we have integrated the most durable plastics and rubber materials. Our scooters are meticulously engineered to endure the rigors of time, providing shared scooter operators with a dependable and long-lasting solution. Bid farewell to costly replacements and frequent maintenance; our scooters are built for the long haul.


Unibody Urban is at the forefront of battery technology, featuring an exceptionally large capacity that places it among the market leaders. With a single charge, it can achieve an impressive range of up to 75 km. This extended range is a significant change when it comes to optimizing operational costs.

Your fleet can now cover more ground and complete more rides than ever before, setting a new standard in the industry.


Achieving rider satisfaction and operational success depends on providing a comfortable and optimized riding experience.  Unibody excels in this aspect with a thoughtfully designed, spacious, and slip-resistant footpad, shock absorbing, PU Filled, ensuring riders have ample room to stand comfortably.


In addition, meticulous attention to the riding position minimizes strain, promoting a natural posture that mitigates fatigue and enhances overall riding comfort. To further enhance the user experience, the handlebar grips are specially designed and built to absorb vibrations and provide a superior grip for riders. 

All-Weather Reliability

Our scooters are built to thrive in diverse weather conditions, boasting an impressive IPX5 weatherproof rating. Whether you're navigating through rain or dealing with splashes, our scooters are designed to handle it with ease. But that's not all – our commitment to durability extends further with an IP67-rated battery.

This ensures resilience against both dust and water immersion, up to one meter. Rain or shine, you can trust our scooters to deliver a reliable and robust performance in any weather.



Experience the pinnacle of style and functionality as you embark on your micromobility adventure with our exceptional scooters. Winner of the prestigious TİM Design Week 2022 Best Design Award, our scooters seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, setting new standards in the world of



Illuminate your path with the iconic 270-degree rear signal lamp, providing unparalleled visibility for a safe and stylish ride. Engineered for human ergonomy, our scooters prioritize comfort and a natural riding experience, complemented by a wide footpad for enhanced stability. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effortless journeys with scooters that redefine what it means to travel in style.

Tailor-Made Software

We provide personalized software solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and optimization for shared scooter operators.


These solutions encompass a range of product software features that can be precisely tailored to address your unique requirements.

TEch specs

Maximum Speed Limit |

Motor Power |
400W / 816W (max)

Net Weight (±0.5 kg) |
32 Kg

Tires |

12 inches Front Special PU Filled
10 inches Rear Rubber Tires

Allowable Load |
100 Kg max

Built-In IoT 


Full Charge Trip (km)* |

Battery Capacity |

14 Ah

Brake SYSTEM |

Front Brake:

Standard: Drum Brake (80mm) / Optional: Electro-Mechanic Brake

Rear Brake:

Standard: Electronic Engine Brake / Optional: Disc Brake

Weather resıstance |
IPX5, Battery IP67,
Controller IP67


smart software features

abnormal shutdown

fly-off preventıon

Mıcro processor control system

smart hıll clımbıng assıstance

antı theft / alarm

intellıgent braking assistance

driving modes(eco,drive,sport)

ıot trıggered top speed control 


tire burning prevention system

cruise control

geofencing top speed control

battery authentication

failure code diagnosis

customizable bottom led colors

sliding led spotlight

max speed limit indicator

pedestrian mode

Effective from June 2023 production. Information correct at time of publication 11.07.2023.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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