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Feel the quality!

The "RObust QUality" philosophy is deeply ingrained into every aspect of ROQU's operations. From the very inception of the design phase to the manufacturing process, meticulous attention is dedicated to ensuring that each vehicle attains the utmost standards of craftsmanship, reliability, and durability.


Following the rigorous application of precision quality control processes to all components, each of our vehicles undergoes a comprehensive assessment for safety and durability at the end of production as well.

As ROQU, we concentrate on designing e-scooters that emphasize durability and longevity. We target individuals in search of an eco-friendly and low-maintenance transportation option. Our commitment to using environmentally friendly materials sets us apart, addressing the growing need for sustainable solutions.


We adhere to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard and embrace the principle of continuous improvement. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction with the products we produce and the services we offer, aiming to become the most preferred company in the micro-mobility sector by exceeding their expectations.

Customer Focus:

We focus not only on meeting but also on exceeding the demands and expectations of our customers. At ROQU Mobility, we consistently make efforts to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction at every stage.


By designing durable and long-lasting products, we aim to reduce waste. In our company, founded with inspiration from the potential to shape a greener future for electric vehicles, our first and most important criterion in material and process selection is making environmentally conscious choices. This approach is among our fundamental principles.

Continuous Improvement:

We continuously monitor our processes, analyze them, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Our objective is to continuously enhance the quality of our products and services.

Learning and Our Employees:

We believe that learning is an endless process, and we must never cease to stay current. With the approach of "Our employees' success is the key to our company's success," we support the development of our employees as integral parts of all processes.


Through close collaboration with our suppliers, we continuously enhance the quality of the products and services they provide. Supporting their development is a crucial mission for us, aiming to strengthen not only our own quality but also the quality of our entire supply chain.

Technology and Leadership in Quality:

To continuously improve the quality of our products and services, we diligently follow technological developments. By embracing technological innovations, we aim to provide our customers with high-quality products and services. We align our quality policy with the principle of continuous improvement, making our business processes more competitive and customer-centric.

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