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We provide personalized software solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and optimization for shared scooter operators.
These solutions encompass a range of product software features that can be precisely tailored to address your unique requirements.


Anti-Theft Security

Safeguard your scooter with our cutting-edge Anti-Theft Alarm feature. Activated when any unauthorized attempt is made to move the scooter in the waiting-for-rental mode, this function goes beyond a mere deterrent.

Once triggered, it sets off a loud alarm, accompanied by attention-grabbing LED lights that flash as a visible warning. To enhance security further, electronic brakes automatically engage, effectively locking the rear wheels and thwarting any attempt to move the scooter without proper authorization. Rest easy, knowing your scooter is equipped with a robust anti-theft system to ensure its protection.


Failure Code Diagnosis

Scooter failures are indicated by specific codes displayed on the LED screen, providing a quick and precise diagnostic tool. Furthermore, these failure codes are seamlessly transmitted through IoT, enabling proactive identification of problematic scooters.


This advanced system ensures the swift removal of faulty scooters from the field for prompt repairs, ultimately guaranteeing the delivery of trouble-free scooters to end users.


Abnormal Shutdown

This advanced feature empowers you to deactivate all functions of the scooter through a command from the IoT. It comes in handy when the scooter moves into a non-usage zone, allowing you to restrict its operation remotely.


Upon receiving the command, the scooter initiates a gradual slowdown to 3 km/h, followed by the automatic disabling of the accelerator pedal. This robust functionality provides an additional layer of security and control over the scooter's usage in designated areas.


Fly-off Prevention System

Our innovative fly-off prevention feature adds an extra layer of safety to your scooter experience. This system is designed to avoid sudden movements when you engage the gas pedal. Once the scooter has been nudged to a speed of 3 km/h with a slight push, the Gas Pedal is activated.


This thoughtful design minimizes the risk of abrupt acceleration and forward movement, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents. We prioritize your safety, and this feature is a testament to our commitment to providing a secure and reliable scooter experience.



Introducing the revolutionary Smart Braking System (SBS) exclusively designed for Unibody Urban. This sophisticated system goes beyond conventional braking mechanisms, prioritizing driver safety and ensuring optimal control.

When the scooter approaches the specified speed limit for a given region, the electronic brake takes charge, seamlessly cutting the gas and initiating a controlled deceleration. In scenarios where additional braking force is needed, such as navigating steep slopes, the electromechanical brake seamlessly integrates, providing an extra layer of safety and control.

Our SBS isn't just about compliance with speed limits; it's a comprehensive safety net that enhances both the quality of the ride and overall safety. By prioritizing driver and pedestrian safety, this innovative feature sets a new benchmark for intelligent braking systems, making every ride not only efficient but inherently secure.


ıCA – ıntellıgent Climbing Assistance

Tackling steep inclines can often challenge scooter acceleration, impeding the climb. ROQU Mobility introduces Intelligent Climbing Assistance (ICA), a groundbreaking feature. As the scooter detects a significant slope, it communicates through IOT, receiving a command to boost acceleration.


This innovative technology ensures optimal performance when ascending hills, delivering an enhanced and enjoyable driving experience for users.


Driving Modes

Boqu Unibody Scooter offers a versatile riding experience with its four distinct driving modes.


Users can choose from these modes, and with IoT integration, the scooter can automatically adjust its driving mode based on the region of use, ensuring a safer environment for both the rider and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Mode

  • Ideal for dense pedestrian areas

  • Limits the scooter to a maximum speed of 6 km/h

  • Prioritizing pedestrian safety

  • Automatic activation via IoT in specified zones

Eco Mode

  • Optimizing range

  • Smoother acceleration.

Sport Mode

  • Full performance 

  • Faster acceleration 

  • Enhanced agility

Drive Mode

  • Balanced acceleration for everyday use.


Cruise Control

The primary advantage of cruise control goes beyond a seamless riding experience; it significantly contributes to preserving battery life. By using less electricity, the motor operates more efficiently, allowing users, especially those on electric scooters for heavy adults, to extend their scooter's range.


It's a fantastic feature to conserve power and enhance battery life. Once engaged, you can relax and enjoy the journey as cruise control instructs the motor to maintain a constant speed, providing both efficiency and an extended riding range.


IoT-Enabled Speed Customization

Experience the flexibility of IoT-triggered top speed adjustments with Boqu Unibody Scooter. Depending on the region of use, dynamic driving modes can be seamlessly altered through IoT commands.


This ensures compliance with the specific maximum speed limits set for each area. With this intelligent feature, riders can enjoy a personalized experience, adapting their scooter's performance to different environments effortlessly.


Customizable LED Status Lights 

Boqu Unibody Scooter comes equipped with adjustable LED lights beneath its body, offering a customizable visual experience tailored to customer preferences. The color of the light can be personalized to match individual demands.


A visual cue, the flashing blue light indicates standby mode, while a steady blue light signals rental mode. When the battery level drops below 20%, the light turns red, providing a clear indicator for users.


The scooter's main LED screen features a 'Status Light' function, allowing it to flash during standby mode. Furthermore, the stop lamp adjusts its behavior based on the mode in use, flashing in standby mode and remaining constantly on in rental mode.

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