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When the battery is not in the vehicle, I send the command to open the battery cover from the app, but the cover does not open. What should I do?

When there is no power in the vehicle, there is an alternative power system available for unlocking the electronic lock on your ROQU. To activate this system, you should press the 'Horn' button and wait for 15 seconds before trying the command again.

Why isn't the vehicle speed being maintained when I press and hold the throttle button during driving?

Ensure that you have activated the 'Cruise Control' feature through the mobile application for the speed control function to be active. After reaching the desired speed, hold the throttle lever steady for '3 seconds' to activate the 'Cruise' mode. If the issue persists, please contact technical support.

My vehicle doesn't always accelerate in the same way. What should I do?

Your ROQU offers different driving modes including Sport, Standard, Eco, and Pedestrian modes. The vehicle's acceleration and performance vary depending on the selected driving mode. Additionally, factors such as road surface and gradient can also affect the vehicle's acceleration. If you experience different accelerations under the same conditions and in the same driving mode, please contact technical support.

Why isn't there a headlight on/off button on the vehicle, and why are the headlights not always on?

The LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) sensor, which activates the headlight system, is a light-sensitive sensor. It automatically turns on without the need for you to turn on the headlights manually. It activates automatically in dark environments to ensure driving safety. If desired, you can deactivate the LDR sensor via the RoquApp and manually turn on the headlights for driving with the headlights on in all road conditions.

Upon opening the battery compartment, I notice water and dust inside. Is this a cause for concern?

There is no problem with liquid or dust entering the battery compartment since the battery box and other components meet the specified sealing levels by standards. Additionally, excess water is expelled through drainage holes located under the body.

Can I always track the live location of my vehicle?

Your ROQU comes with an inactive data SIM card installed. Whether to activate the SIM card is up to your preference. After activating the SIM card through technical support, you can track your vehicle in real-time using cellular data and determine its location in case of any security issues.

How can I activate the vehicle I just purchased?

When you first receive your vehicle, we strongly advise following these steps carefully:

  1. Open the packaging without damaging it, following the warning signs on the cardboard box (Do not discard the packaging to handle any potential issues or exchanges in the same manner).

  2. Remove the battery cover from the vehicle, which may be upside down, and install the battery without starting the vehicle.

  3. Take out the battery, which is separately packaged and located under the vehicle.

  4. Place the battery in the middle section of the vehicle's body and connect the battery socket.

  5. Ensure that the vehicle is operational. After the screen lights up, check the display and battery status.

  6. If the battery charge displayed on the screen is 3 bars or lower, remove the battery and charge it using the charger provided by ROQU Mobility.

  7. Once the battery is sufficiently charged, close the battery cover. After fitting the rear part of the battery cover, firmly press the front part of the cover with your hand. Check if the cover is properly closed.

  8. Download the application to your smartphone or tablet using the download link or QR code provided below. Follow the steps in the application to complete the setup and start exploring.

Apple Store Download Link: 


Play Store Download Link: 

  If you've installed the mobile application but can't find your vehicle, what should you do?

If you're experiencing connection issues after downloading the mobile application, please check the following steps:



Sign in to the application


Ensure that your device's Bluetooth feature is turned on


Check your proximity to the vehicle as you'll need to establish a connection (We recommend being right next to the vehicle)


Once you see the vehicle's chassis number on your device, select the vehicle and wait for the pairing


If the connection hasn't been established after these steps, try turning off and on the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone or tablet, then attempt to reconnect


 If the issue persists and the connection cannot be established, please contact authorized service

 My vehicle's brakes are not holding well. What should I do?

If you have concerns about the vehicle's brakes for driving safety, we strongly advise you to stop driving and not continue. To access the vehicle's brake adjustment, you need to remove the plastic cover pieces located on the right and left sides of the front wheel. Once these covers are removed, you can access the brake system and make adjustments. For your safety, it's necessary to have this adjustment done by a technical service.

 How do I connect my vehicle to the mobile application?

Download the ROQU Mobility application on your smartphone or tablet. Then, follow the instructions within the application to create a user account. After completing the account creation process, log in to the application using your email address and the password you set. Once logged in, press the 'Click Here' button on the screen to search for nearby vehicles via Bluetooth connection. Scan for nearby vehicles using Bluetooth by clicking on the vehicle with a Bluetooth name starting with 'RQ,' and establish the connection. Start using the application. Ensure that your device's Bluetooth connection is enabled and connected to the internet while following the defined steps.

 I can't see the location of my vehicle while it's parked. What should I do?

The IOT device (communication module) in your ROQU, upon delivery, contains an inactive data SIM card. It's your choice whether to activate or use the SIM card while inactive. The features you can utilize in scenarios where the SIM card is active or inactive are detailed in the user manual under the "6. Cellular Data Activation" section. You can activate your SIM card by contacting us, enabling you to view the location of your parked vehicle even when you're not connected.

If I'm experiencing delays in some commands on the mobile application, what should I do?

The commands sent are classified as delayed and instant, based on the authorization provided by the communication module. Commands that require an immediate response are integrated into the application accordingly, while others are subject to delay.

 How can I reset my vehicle to factory settings?

Follow the steps below to reset your vehicle to factory settings using the ROQU Mobility application downloaded on your smartphone or tablet:

a. Navigate to the 'Settings' tab among the icons at the bottom.

b. Click on the 'Hard Reset' feature at the bottom of the 'Settings' tab.

c. Confirm your action in the prompt window.

NOTE: After sending this command, all personalizations and additions made since the purchase of the vehicle will be lost.

 If I closed the battery cover before installing the battery and now I can't reopen it, what should I do?

Even when the battery is not installed, your ROQU is designed with a backup system that can unlock the electronic lock on the battery cover. Using the backup battery system connected to the communication module, you can send commands through the application to open the battery cover. To activate this system, press the 'Horn' button and wait for 15 seconds before sending the command again.

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